The Website Design

I decided for my product to hand in the photoshoot and web design, by creating the design of the website i felt that it gave an over feeling and sense of what I am trying to achieve.

I used indesign to create the design of my website, I have no interest in actual real web design and this is something that i would always leave to a professional as it is very important that it would be done right with full impact. How ever using In design would enable me to communicate the loo and features that i would like to use. style-snoops-mock-upWhilst creating the website it made me think of more features that could add which i have expressed in my portfolio pages and market report.

When creating the design for the website it was extremely important to create a user experience that was both exciting and fresh whilst still being simple and clear.  Being a content led website with the business strategy of commerce it is important that the content and commerce blend seamlessly together. With the overall concept and design of this site I feel that this has been achieved. The website will work across multiple devices, each as important as each other. The content shall draw consumers in, with simple yet effective browsing content. Stories will never be to heavy or hard to read, they shall share the lives of interesting yet ordinary people. Make-overs will only use accessible clothing and products, simple stylish looks that are not too over done and deemed wearable by the consumer. The simple one click buttons to buy are are service that we offer our readers to simplify there lives. There is no hunting high and low to figure out where to buy that dress from. The mobile app will use a swipe across approach to shopping the look. Readers can also use a favourites button that can store there favourite items. The app will use push notifications to alert the consumer if any of there favourites have been discounted or selling fast. Another feature will be a listen button that will allow the reader to listen to the story. This is a simple feature to apply that can make a real difference to some people that may have sight impairments, or would prefer to listen to content on the go rather than read, we are after all targeting the busy career women, Mother or wife. Creating shoppable content does not have to stop at beauty and fashion, although this is the main area of the website, some features may take on shoppable content such as home ware, books or gym equipment.screen-shot-2016-11-15-at-11-30-19


Quick one click shoppable buttons

Film – behind the scenes – how to tutorials – fashion

Links to social media

Favourites button (store favourites to get deals)

Easy swipe features

Audio story tracks

I also chose to design what the app would look like on a phone.screen-shot-2016-11-15-at-13-22-06


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