Location Location ….

When thinking about a setting  for the shoot I didn’t want to shoot in a studio as I want each shoot for each individual to be in a unique setting fitting for them. I chose to do the photography my self not just because it is something I enjoy and want to practice more, but I have to remember that to begin with this business will be a one man show and it is important that i set the pace for myself now. As much as I would love to have a team working for me I feel that by starting it all myself I have a much deeper understanding of all aspects of the business.

I though about different outside locations, interesting buildings and back drops. I did some research on line on different areas and did some local searching on foot. I wasntnt looking for anything to out there just some places with some interest that would work well. I pulled a small mood board together for a few ideas, but i personally find that i can be a lot more inspired by just looking a seeing places for myself.

I found a few locations myself before the shoot and worked out a itinerary of where to go first thinking about sunlight. I booked two dates for my shoot with my model(weather pending) we were lucky that on the first shoot it was dry and sunny.



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