Further Research

I researched a lot on Mintle and looked at the statistical sites. I can easily get lost on Mintel as there is so much interesting Information. I found many reports very fitting to my research and were able to quote them into my market report. I also read BOF and article such as 


This article is interesting as it talks about how brands are using social media, it was also very interesting to read the comments that people leave. Some people believe that brands are buying into instagram and social media too much. With much of the world using social media daily can this be a thing? I can’t help but agree though on the lack of measurement one brand can take on its followings. I was thinking about it, and….

It clicked in my head that really following a brand is no different to walking

past a channel shop and

looking at the window display

Brands should never assume that there followers are potential Consumers or are going to purchase anything or that they even have any loyalty to that brand, people simply like to look at nice things.


This article talks about the tipping point of luxury fashion being sold. it is said that currently 3 in 4 luxury fashion purchases are made on line and soon it will be 99%

“Digital already influences three out of four luxury purchases and will soon impact 99 percent of sales.”

It also talks about how brands are having to change there marketing statergies for the growth of online influence to buying.

“The Internet has rewired media, upending the traditional relationship between companies and consumers, and forcing brands to rewrite their marketing strategies. “

This article talks about the current fast paced changes that are happening in e-commerce. many companies are merging and creating new models as e-commerce expands more rapidly than ever. Seeing the growth of all these companies proves how much ecomerce in fashion is growing and how there is room for growth constantly. Itgives a really in-depth view of how businesses work and what goes on behind the scenes in e-commerce.

“there has been more change in the fashion e-commerce space in recent months than in the last half-decade.”


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