To Conclude it is clear that there is a gap in the market that StyleSnoops can fill. Through my personal expertise, 14 years experience as a hair and make up stylist, a back ground in interior design and a degree in fashion communication, this combination creates a strong start for the business. It is important that the tone of voice used is consistent to strengthen the brand identity. It is also important that style snoops stands strong to it’s theory of using every day women to feature, it must not slip into temptation of using well known figures or celebrities as this would steer away from the core values of the brand. It is important now that Style Snoops finds a good team of creatives to work with to create professional high quality content. We believe that the merge of content and commerce is crucial to create the experience needed for todays online consumers. Although as a business it is crucial for Style Snoops to make a profit, it is also extremely important that we don’t sacrifice its editorial integrity. It is seen more and more, integrating content into commerce, every brand now has a story to tell. Integrating Commerce into content is much the same but every aspect must be looked at carefully making sure that the connect and commerce fit seamlessly together, a bridge between publishing and retail. Content has to be Authentic and the product worthy. If done correctly it is however clear that there are many mutual benefits. Style Snoops will bring value to its readers by creating immediate solutions, the fastest response a reader can get. By entertaining readers that want to be looking at our content and are interested in it, we are providing a time saving service by adding one click buttons to lead to landing pages of a product. This is clearly a win-win situation in the game of content commerce.


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