The Mother of all Style

IMG_5673.JPGI took this picture whist at The Bike Shed. A unique venue, spread across 4 huge railway arches in the heart of Shoreditch, London. This Mum was sat in the restaurant lounge on a Sunday afternoon chilling with her partner and new baby. I had a long chat with this Mum interested at first by her her beautiful designer pushchair designed by Liberty’s for Mama and Papas. We spoke about the venue she was sat I’m and how she loved to visit there with its played back yet buzzy atmosphere, this gave her a sense of belonging and still in the loop, rather than just having a baby sat at home. In the week she would also visit other coffee shops and meet up with friends. She liked to shop for herself and her baby, it excited her that she could find more unique buys on the internet and loved cross collaborations such as her pushchair. She said that it was just as important to her to be unique with accessories and clothes for her baby as it was for herself. On the hughstreet she would shop in Top Shop, Zara, Marks and Spenser and Next. She enjoyed using social media, Facebook and Instagram being her favourite.

“Buying clothes and accessories for my baby, is just as Important as buying things for myself,

if not more”

This was defiantly an interesting point to think about especially when adding stoppable links to stories, babies/childrens clothing, accessories and toys should not be forgotten about. It is how ever important that this does not take over a story in any way as not all reader are mothers, but certainly can be added as features.


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