Content Commerce

Content Commerce is a term that has only more recently been used the concept has existed for longer but only recently has it become of such importance that it is now accepted as a ‘thing’

“The irony here is that content commerce is already a $44 BLN worth industry and it has been in existence for years — just in a “strictly undefined” form.”

What Is Content Commerce?

Every brand now has to have a story to tell, a picture to share a video to show.  In traditional advertising within magazines content has been used for many many years, but now with the use the web and the reality of the context people can put both content and commerce into its never been more important. 15 year ago e-comerce was amazing the new thing the new experience! simple e-commerce is now flat, dull and boring and the shopper needs a new experience!

There are some companies out there already doing a great job of blending commerce and content seamlessly being one of them. They have an online “magazine” blog with great content such as tutorials on “How to stop a blemish in its tracks” competitions, interviews with you tubers, videos on box openings. Their content is popular and really draws the consumer in.

Another article i read was this one based on 8 e’commerce companies with fantastic content. it was an interesting read and really great to look at how other companies are using content.

screen-shot-2016-11-17-at-15-10-13screen-shot-2016-11-17-at-15-10-35screen-shot-2016-11-17-at-15-12-39I also looked at a content marketing company called Velocity, there website was informative on what they do and explained content marketing its full of great marketing content i have read through such as Insane honesty – finding your weakest points and B2B Market strategy checklists. The website has gone on my bookmarks and is defiantly a place for me to source information about new content marketing strategies.




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