Researching Monitization

Its very important that this website makes money as any business it is key. Each week the website will feature a new muse, that will under go a full make over. the items used in the make over will then be available to shop.

Monetizaton is an awful lot to get my head around, there are so many ways to earn money from website. Each way comes with its own jargon and doesn’t feel that self explanatory. It is an area that needs much research, information in this area is not readily given to amateurs.

I have looked at some end to end monetisation platforms, the information is heavy, so I’m on a big learning curve. You have to apply to these companies and they ask a whole list of questions about your business, so I’m not sure how this works with a business that doesn’t exist. It might be that I need to start the business without having it linked to an affiliate program to start with.  These are all screen tips that i have pulled off the website.

I have looked and researched websites such as:

and read many articles such as:

My Favourite Affiliate programs as a fashion blogger by Marie Denee

How To Make Money Blogging by Abbey Lawson

How to Make Money Blogging: 5 Strategies that Help Me Make a Full-Time Income from Home





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