Initial Ideas

After researching a fashion commerce platform and a fashion blog during the summer project I have decided to base my project around an online platform magazine/blog with a mixture of commerce and content. An area I intend on researching for my dissertation.

I have always had a love for make overs and when doing peoples hair I love o delve into their lives, I find people very interesting. Ive always had a lot more interest in normal everyday people rather than celebrities, I’m not sure i’d know who Kim K was if she was stood next to me. I find reality engaging and fitting it’s more likely to encourage me to dream get motivated and to feel better about myself, speaking to slightly older and wiser women is also extremly empowering. I also believe that making people feel good on the out side effects how one feels on the inside. to be empowered through style enables a woman to feel good about them selfs this can open up areas of positivity through out their life.

Finding a website called semaine which works very much in the same way that i envisioned mine to work has proved to me that the structure can work. Semaine does focus more on well known people and on luxury content, but from what i can see there is no one out there using a similar model for a lower level of fashion product and featuring every day women. bringing in the element of make overs i feel gives it a unique spin and believe this will help women resinate with the featured women and help commerce



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